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About Us


FMT GROUP is established for the first time in Turkey as a producer of voltage stabilizer. Motivated of a fruitful experience, we thought to open a branch in Albania in 2003 and a branch in Kosovo in 2008. After successful achievements we decided to open a branch even in Montenegro, in 2010.

From 2003 to today, FMT Group has penetrated into the Albanian market and not only, as a specialist in energy management. Starting as a stabilizer voltage producer, FMT Group expanded its range of products by introducing to the market electrical products, such as: Motor- Generators, UPS, Voltage Stabilizer, Led Diode, Transformers, Solar Panel, Electrical and Electronic Materials, Filters and Spare Parts.

Our products and services do not include only purchasing in the Balkan countries, but international markets is a reality now. We have a pleasant identity and we are proud of it. Following our motto “We have the power” we try to bring to our customers stabilized and uninterrupted energy, two years warranty for the products and ten years of technical assistance for the spare parts.

Our company offers seriousness, fast service technically approved, qualified engineering, technical staff and the most competitive prices in the market. Our obligation and pleasure is to offer you equipment for the production and stabilization of electrical energy according to the ISO 9001 and CE standards.