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Maritime Defence Force

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About Us

Maritime Defence Force Ltd. (“MDF”), established in 2009 operates security teams on board merchant vessels trading through areas of piracy and war risk. The company started its way in the Maritime Security Industry in 2009 and registered in the British Virgin Islands. The company operates in a geographic area spanning the Indian Ocean, East and West Africa, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and South East Asia, with corporate offices in Singapore, India, Europe and South Africa.

Maritime Defence Force (“MDF”), a member of the MDF Group, is a client-focused third-party security provider, offers maritime security solutions for ship-owners and operators, tailored and scaled to meet each client’s unique needs. The Company operates security teams on board cargo vessels trading through areas of piracy and war risk. Our teams are trained in an array of techniques through deterrence and evasion of contact and direct defence in situations of clear and present threat to crew and vessel.

Our mission is to expand our operations by consistently exceeding customers’ expectations, legal requirements and other requirements which include enhancement of customer satisfaction through effective application of our processes for continuous improvement. As the industry undergoes a major effort toward raising compliance and management standardization, MDF set its aim at belonging to the top tier of maritime security companies.

MDF Group, a leading global transportation security enterprise, established by former marine defense professionals with both military and civilian maritime and hospitality security experience. The Group offers extensive international experience and know-how in the fields of security and defense, allowing it to achieve the most effective integrated security solutions for its clients. The Group spans the world, and its activities encompass national defense consulting,the security of maritime and infrastructures, and multinational enterprises. The Group’s consulting assignments include protection for worldwide leading Owners, Managers, and Charterers.

The Anti-Piracy mission is four-pronged strategy of Preparation, Early Detection, Deterrence and Avoidance. MDF invests heavily in screening and training aimed towards avoiding the use of lethal force on board the client vessel.

MDF provides the crew with the assurance they need not to fear the JWC/HRPA passage thus, eliminating issues of refusal to sail or crew bonuses.

MDF endorses the measures laid out in Best Management Practices (“BMP”) and provides the Owner with guidance and support through the process of implementing BMP on board the vessel. MDF attributes a high level of importance to static defensive measures. Prior to or upon embarkation, MDF conducts a thorough and precise Vessel Security Assessment (“VSA”), which will be reviewed and approved by the Owner and or Master; upon approval installation of the security measures will be implemented by MDF team.

• MDF runs its enterprise on our MDF Log™, which is a turn-key enterprise solution for operating companies within the maritime industry.

• The power of MDF Log™ enterprise system empowers control and execution of all operational elements of ship management.

• MDF administers its permitting, supply, and sign-on/sign-off logistics at the highest priority level, and by implementing our fully integrated management system whereas any exception is alerted and escalated to senior management on real time basis.

• MDF Log™ provides the highest level of stability and control, which virtually eliminates documentation compliance and logistic execution risks.

• MDF’s methodology reduces workload from the Owner/Manager and minimizes the need to use the Owner’s systems and resources for the purposes of MDF’s operations.