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Dajti Ekspres

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  • Rruga/Zona Stacioni i Poshtëm i Teleferikut, Tiranë- Dajt

About Us

Dajti Ekspres is the first and only cableway in Albania as well as being the longest cableway in the balkans. The cable car takes visitors from the heart of the city right up into the National Park of Dajti Mountain (1100m) in only 15 minutes. Our complex includes a traditional wood restaurant which sits on the edge of the mountain overlooking the city and a 24 room Hotel with a rotating bar and restaurant on the upper two floors.

The first of it’s kind in Albanian mountain tourism, the cable car which completed construction in 2005 was built by the Austrian company Doppelmayr – the market leaders in ropeway technology. Doppelmayer carry out regular technical check ups, services and all parts are ordered from them.

Currently Dajti Ekspres has 70 employees. Our staff, engineers & technical operators have worked with dedication and responsibility over the past 10 years to keep the cable car running with professionalism & reliability. Dajti Mountain being the main attraction of our city, has become a symbol in the same way that Cape Town is known for Table Mountain, Paris for the Eiffel Tower and London for Big Ben. Since it’s opening in 2005 Dajti Ekspres has had on average 300 – 400,000 visitors each year.