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We are looking for : Customer RelationshipOfficer/Sales Representative

The candidate would handle the concerns of the people who buy our company’s products or services. They work to rectify issues experienced by individual customers as well as aim to improve the organization’s overall customer satisfaction ratings. In addition, the goal is for the candidate to become a sales representative and develop new relationships.

Customer Relationship Officer Duties and Responsibilities
To accomplish their goal of building customer satisfaction and loyalty, Customer Relationship Officers perform a variety of tasks.
Understanding Customer Concerns
By asking questions, listening carefully and showing empathy, Customer Relationship Officers aim to get to the heart of what customers truly want. They may deal with specific questions over the phone, by email or in person. Travel should be expected, both for new and potential clients. Entertaining client by meeting out of their normal office environment is encourage, whether that be for coffee, lunch or a dinner.
Communicating within the Company
Customer Relationship Officers often act as a liaison between customer service and other departments, especially sales. They bring a specific complaint from a customer to the attention of someone who can resolve the situation They also may pass along general feedback they are hearing from customers in order to help build a better product or develop a new service.
Investigating Problems
Sometimes there isn’t an easy answer to a situation with a customer. When such scenarios arise, the representative would be tasked with figuring out what went wrong, how problems might be fixed and how to keep them from happening again.
Monitoring Competitors
To enhance their own company, Customer Relationship Officers may be charged with examining what others in the industry are doing.
Customer Relationship Officers and Sales Representatives are excellent communicators with great interpersonal skills. They must successfully balance the needs of customers with the best interests of the company.
Having some experience in sales, customer service, customer relationship management, finance, or banking are pluses. Although it is not expected a candidate will have all the skills or knowledge necessary, having the desire to learn and having a positive demeanor with clients is critical.

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