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  1. Minimum 2 years of working experience as a truck driver in the EU.
  2. knowledge of the road traffic regulations binding in the EU, especially :
– drivers working time
– driving time
– rest times
Obligatory for truck drivers
– single occupancy driving
– double occupancy driving
  1. knowledge of GPS and TRIMBLA operation
  2. Knowledge of driver’s responsibilities in loading and unloading of goods.
  3. responsible for documents, punctuality in delivery of goods and documents.
  4. no addictions (alcohol, cigarettes).
  5. nice to have personal hygiene
  6. communicative knowledge of Polish language.
  7. basic knowledge of German or English- welcome.
  8. taking care of the entrusted equipment.

1. place in a social room with payment of 200 PLN per month.
2. residence.
3. employment contract.
4. salary from 7500 PLN → 12000 PLN
5. modern fleet
There is a possibility to train a driver with the above licenses without experience in the EU:
1. first month of training only basis 2000 PLN
2. second and third month about 4500 PLN
3. after three months the driver gets full terms.

Cel/WhatsApp: +355697495723
Email: v.zoi@motivahr.pl

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