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– We have hundreds of files on our google drive (max 600 and won’t exceed this)

– These files are organised into a three layer structure (parent folder, sub, sub folder)

– The files are combination of PDF, Doc, TXT, Googlesheet, CSV, JSON

– We also have some information on pinecone BUT this information is restricted and should not be used everyday processing


The Challenge


– We have a basic solution but its sub-optimal: slow and doesnt always reference the files correctly in a query

– The solution cannot access files held in googledrive sub folders


Tech Context


1 ]  To query/reference multiple files in a single chat session with openai

2 ] Query different data stores ( drive, local machine, pinecone) for different file for different use cases


The Goal and Scope


1 ]  Create a new OR update our current python code so that langchain can reference multiple sub-folders within our google drive and local machine

2 ] Query different data stores ( drive, local machine, pinecone) for different file for different use cases


Acceptance Criteria


1 ] Solution must be optimised for speed

2 ] Solution must reference the files across our googledrive, weavate, pinecone and our local machine

3 ] Help our main developer integrate your code into his application


Out of Scope



– Data analysis

– Other applications




1] IMPORTANT : This is a FIXED TERM contract. Payment is upon successful delivery of the requirements – so….

2] You MUST be have done this type of work before [no exceptions please]

3] Join video calls with screensharing to collaborate succeed together




3 working days


How we reward


We operate on a fair basis. We will do everything to make and keep the best people. We reward people based on 4 levels of performance:



IF YOU: Deliver work on time, meet acceptance criteria & meet basic company expectations [e.g. attend a few calls, help others, be dependable & proactive]

WE REWARD: 5* Rating + Agreed full contract rate paid + Guaranteed bonus + Long-term partnership + recommendation to global clients + invitations to work with us on big fortune 500 clients (you will be protected from politics by us)



IF YOU: Deliver your work as promised on time, meet acceptance criteria

WE REWARD: 5* Rating + Agreed full contract rate paid


  1. ONE-OFF

IF YOU: Deliver your work as promised, meet acceptance criteria (but work is late)

WE REWARD: Agreed full contract rate paid only



IF YOU: Don’t meet acceptance criteria or become unresponsive, unreliable or difficult

WE REWARD: Rating and payment to be negotiated


What you need to be successful:


We’re a passionate and vibrant team with excellent team morale and a strong family feel.

We respect, always protect and support each other. To be successful, you need to be:


  1. Be polite, friendly & positive

Please do not apply, if you struggle with ”please” and ”thank you” – thank you.


  1. Be supportive and patient

We all want to learn from each other. Ask if requirements/solutions are not clear. We’ll work together to find the right way, which will save rework, stress & frustration.


  1. Be proactive

Learn, find answers, and always look to improve. Take notes and apply feedback to help you.


  1. Be Available and dependable

Please be available and dependable for making agreed meetings and delivery timelines.

We know sometimes timelines can slip. Manage our expectations by using our simple business software to track tasks and due dates.


  1. Be responsible

Truly care about the value that you bring. Care for your project, it’s your baby and your legacy.

This is not a job to do the bare minimum and run the clock. Be a part of something great!


  1. Be a great team player

Working together builds trust and stronger relationships. We look for all our family to proactively help others, be social and work together to see each other succeed as a team.


  1. Be Fast

You’re already experienced and skilled. Ask questions and start adding value within hours, not days or weeks. We’ll work together on refining your work over time. Most projects are relatively straightforward and logical.

How to apply:

Only candidates fulfilling due requirements will be contacted by e-mail.

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